Portable Precision Fogger

Our system comes complete with air compressor, 25 or 50 feet of air hose with a portable atomizer all on an industrial cart.

$3,499.00 plus taxes

FogTech's Compact Fogger Adapter

Use the existing adaptor with your own hose and compressor set up. 

$ 300.00 plus taxes

FogTech's Backpack Fogger + Vital Oxide

Fogging uses up to 60% less product with better coverage than a conventional sprayer With a flow control right on the handle lets you change the droplet size from 0 - 50 microns VMD.

FogTech's Backpack Fogger + Anasphere Plus

Bundle and save with this backpack fogger and Anasphere Plus combo. Mix up to 180 litres of disinfectant and save on chemical costs.

$1,175 plus taxes.

FogTech's Backpack Fogger

With fogging using up to 60% less product with better coverage than a conventional sprayer, we have the solution. With a flow control right on the handle, it lets you change the droplet size from 0 - 50 microns VMD. It's easy to use and fits securely and comfortably.

Anasphere Plus

Anabec's Anasphere Plus™ cleaning solution meets the EPA criteria for use against SARS-Co V-2, the cause of COVID-19. An economical solution for large areas.

Available in one quart (1L) bottles. Contact us today for quantity and pricing.

Vital Oxide

Our safest solution! Vital Oxide has been approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Available in one gallon (3.78L) jugs.

Hand Sanitizer And Dispensers

Liquid 70% ethanol sanitizer

The FogTech Custom Cart Solution

Compact, portable and sturdy. Made to suite your needs. Comes complete with a retractable hose options, Professional grade air compressor system and connectors. Battery operated compressors are also an option.

Contact us today!

The FogTech Janitor Cart Solution

Incorporate a fogging system onto your existing janitor cart.

Compact, portable and able to fit onto standard Rubbermaid janitor carts or similar. Comes with 25’ or 50’ feet of hose and the ability to add another portable fogger for double the efficiency.

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Viroban Plus Disinfecting Wipes

Vironban Plus disinfecting wipes are an alcohol solvent and bleach-free. 

$34.99 each or $360.00 for a case of 12

DIN: 02498979

J-100TM/MC Single Station Dispensing Unit

Compact, wall-mounted single station dispensing unit. Can be joined together to create a multi-unit dispensing system.

  • Provides single unit dispensing for commonly used chemicals
  • Can be used to fill bottles with control